Gilly Beech Artists

There is nothing in our lives more important than those we love and the life we have been given on this incredible planet. In a fast paced era full of technology and the pressure to conform we need to take some time away from our phones and computers to talk, laugh, reminisce, travel, be active, be creative, look, listen and be kind to others less fortunate. The things that truly fill our souls. Occasionally these reminders come to us in an enlightening or nostalgic moment. In memories! It can be triggered by the sounds and smells in the countryside,  the formation of clouds, the silence of snow fall, the sound of the sea lapping against pebbles, texture of grass under our feet, a child's laughter, being creative, watching people have fun, and so many other important things that remind us what matters.

I create art that connects with these values, expressing love and memories through colour.


My work connects with positive, nostalgic emotion and encourages us all to appreciate the value of life, our planet, and the importance of love, valuable experiences and compassion. I am asked to create a variety of commissions and rarely turn down the chance to create a new style or subject. I do not enjoy being slave to one particular style as life thrives on variety and exploration.

If you would like my help to connect you and your family with a heart felt memory of a person, pet or place from either past or present, please do CONTACT ME here for a friendly chat on how I could create a customised piece for you.